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Compline Booklet CoverSaint Augustine and Monica Book of Prayers

We are delighted to offer this booklet dedicated to the greatest of the African Church Fathers and his holy mother whose tears and prayers saved him from a life of error. It not only features prayers that can be used up to and on Augustine's feast day on August 28, but also includes Augustine-themed devotions that can be used year-round, including morning and evening prayers, a prayer before Confession, and a Prayer to Our Lord in His Passion and death.

August 2018  ~  37 pages  ~  booklet  ~  5.5" x 4"  ~  $6.00


* Morning Prayers from the Augustinian Order
* The Office of the Serotina (Evening Prayers of the Augustinian Order)

* Commemorations of Saint Augustine and Monica
* The Triduum of Saint Augustine
* Two Prayers to Saint Augustine
* Prayer before Confession, and the Prayer to Our Lord in His Passion and Death, both written by St. Augustine.
* Triduum in Honor of Saint Monica
* Rosary of Saint Augustine and Saint Monica
* Litany of the Three Patrons of the Archconfraternity of the Cincture of Saints Augustine and Monica

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