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Compline Booklet CoverThe Jesse Tree:
A Family Guide through the Season of Advent and Philipovka

by Lynne Drozdik Wardach

"As any young Catholic mother, I strove constantly to weave the threads of the faith into the fabric of our daily lives wherever I was able.  With the shopping, and baking, and wrapping, and visiting and every other secular activity that seemed to occupy the minds of my little disciples at Christmas time, it occurred to me that the preparation for the season seemed the perfect time to do just that, but how?"

Are you spending too much of your busy time piecing together Advent devotions for your family from blogs and sites all over the Web? Do you have a Pinterest wall full of pictures but still no idea where to start?

With daily Scripture readings, prayers and crafts lovingly compiled over a decade and a half, Lynne Wardach has put together an amazing spiritual and fun way for busy Catholic families to commemorate Advent and prepare for the holy feast of Christmas. The Jesse Tree draws from the rich Byzantine tradition and unfolds over the season of Philipovka or Philip's fast that begins on November 15th. This mini tour of salvation history is easily adaptable to any calendar or hectic family schedule, simply by choosing whichever of the themes you want to highlight on a particular day. With 40 themes and symbols to choose from—about twice the number of most Jesse tree guides—this book is not only a complete devotion in itself but also an excellent template for starting your own family Advent traditions right away.

Each theme features representative icons and the ornaments that Lynne's children made during what she calls "the busiest, craziest, messiest, most emotional" but happiest time of life. A complete craft supply list is also provided in the appendix.

2015  ~  146 pages  ~  spiral binding  ~  8 1/2" x 11"  ~  $24.00

Jesse Tree sample pageJesse Tree Sample page 2

November 15    Introduction to the Jesse Tree 
November 16    The Creation and Fall of the Angels 
November 17    The Creation of the Earth   
November 18    The Creation of Adam and Eve 
November 19    The First Sin  
November 20    Cain and Abel  
November 21    Noah and the Great Flood  
November 22    The Tower of Babel  
November 23    Abraham  
November 24    The Three Visitors  
November 25    The Offering of Isaac  
November 26    Jacob   
November 27    Joseph   
November 28    Moses   
November 29    The Passover and Exodus   
November 30    The Parting of the Red Sea    
December 1    The Ten Commandments    
December 2    Joshua and the Fall of Jericho  
December 3    Gideon   
December 4    Ruth   
December 5    Samuel   
December 6    David and Goliath   
December 7    David the Shepherd   
December 8    Elijah   
December 9    Esther   
December 10    Isaiah  
December 11    Jeremiah   
December 12    Micah   
December 13    Habbakuk   
December 14    Nehemiah   
December 15    The Three Brave Youths   
December 16    Daniel in the Lion’s Den   
December 17    Jonah and the Whale    
December 18    The Annunciation to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel   
December 19    Elizabeth and Zaccharias   
December 20    The Visitation   
December 21    John the Baptist   
December 22    Joseph   
December 23    The Magi   
December 24    Jesus:  The Birth of the Messiah   
December 25    Christ is Born!