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Compline Booklet CoverChristmas Prayers and Devotions

Keep celebrating the Holy Nativity and the Child Jesus through the whole season of Christmastide! Includes devotions and litanies to the Infant Jesus, novenas, the Mysteries of the Sacred Infancy, prayers to Jesus in the crib, Psalms, and more.

41 pages  ~  booklet  ~  5.5" x 4"  ~  $6.00

* Commemoration of Christmas
* The Mysteries of the Sacred Infancy
* Litany for Christmas
* Litany of the Infant Jesus
* Novena to the Infant Jesus
* Novena for Christmas
* Novena to the Holy Child Jesus
* Prayer for Christmas
* Prayer to Jesus in the Manger
* Prayer Before the Crib
* Prayer to the Infant Jesus
* Prayer to the Infant Jesus for those in Charge of Children
* Versicle, Responses and Prayers
* Three Invocations
* Psalms Recommended for Christmas by the Baltimore Manual of Prayer
* Ejaculatory Prayer

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